Biology Classes


We are doing new biochemistry using whole enzymes and hormones to cure diseases.  We are currently analyzing  elements to see if they are effect in curing certain diseases. We are making a Cytostasin drug to reverse aging.

Lupus Research Demo: Graduate and Doctorial Research

Lupus is a disease where antibodies attack the human body.  Scientists think that white blood cells attack foreign proteins if the receptors bind; which could mean that the antibodies are either deformed to attack the body's, or the body's cell are deformed so the white blood cells attack them.  There may be two causes of lupus  is why Scientist can't find a direct cure.  Guardian Network cures deformed cells, whether they are cells of organs or the white blood cells. We have to reprogram white blood cells, and the cells of organs, to rebuild themselves. Lupus Cytostasin  should cure lupus period because Cytostasin cures organ decay.

Ebola Update

The Alcohol in Cytoclear killed Ebola like we reported. Ebolacure right now is Cytostasin, Cytoclear, a blood clot drug from Guardian Network, substituted by UF Heparin.  Cytostasin also clots blood so hemorrhaging ends and is clotted.  Cloting the hemorrhages or thrombosis also prevents ebola from spreading throughout the body.

Meningitis Cure Research Demo: Graduate and Doctorial Research

Structural Functional Groups in Biochemistry for medicine making.

C-O-C Ether     C-N-H Amide     C-H-O Aldehyde  O


                                   H                                             C Ketone


        O                         O

        l l                          ll

C-O-C Ester                 C-O Carboxyl Acid

Coronavirus research

Juice (Orange Juice) and salt treated coronavirus, which means cytoclear with salt added should (Orange Juice, Tonic Water,1-2 Teaspoons  Salt only. Take only one if sick. Do not over dose on salt).  That elixir refined is Coronacure.only. Overdoses on salt can cause death by Osmosis or Crenation.  Never exceed four teaspoons of salt in the elixir. Take only one that works instantly until further prescribe or advised to take another bottle.  Our elixirs have cured Coronavirus, Flu, and pneumonia and are ready to be distributed Europe, Asia, and Africa.