History Classes

Middle Age History and How it Effects Us:

During feudal time Europe had religious, cultural, and territorial wars.  They advanced science and endured religious persecution.  Science ended the feuds of the Middle Ages after bubonic plague.  The occult and government persecuted religion ,and warred to be safe and control Europe. The more science and divinity was known the more the wars changed.  The occult wars are where the peaces norms and science were not understood. Today the occult is hiding in the cracks of religion and economic leverage. Ending evil and religious misunderstanding ends wars. People die in wars for not respecting human moral rights, Bubonic plague was a mysterious illness that killed unprepared humans during the 1300's. Science may have advance because of it during the renaissance period.  Microscopes were developed. The scientific knowledge since destroyed many illnesses.   The newfound religious knowledge establish new social norms to make societies civilized based on the Book.  Unadvanced religious social norms create premise wars that are only solved by new understanding.

Many problems of today came out of the "Dark Ages."   The book control forced the death of European Christians while the Catholics kept it secret due to translation duties and war. After the fall of the Roman Empire, government stability came from feudal wars that could turn into government and turf wars.  The Qu'ran was given to Islam while they waited for "The Book." durind the 7th century.  The Book was final published and translated in 1611 by King James of England after Martin Luther's protest in Germany and thoughout Europe.  African islamics really struggled about not having the Book due to tbe persecution of Europe.